K9 Vitality Antler Powder Superfood with Spirulina

  • GIVE YOUR DOG ANTLER POWER! – Introducing K9 Vitality from Shed Dog Inc. A unique and 100% natural superfood dog supplement with antler powder, spirulina, coral calcium and calcium carbonate. Join many happy owners who are giving their dogs serious antler power to significantly improve their overall health and increase their lifespans! *Made in the USA with naturally shed antlers from wild roaming deer, elk and moose.
  • SUPERFOOD SUPPLEMENT THAT NOURISHES INSIDE & OUT – The powerful ingredients in this exclusive formula pack a serious nutritional punch! This deer antler supplement with spirulina promotes healthy heart, gut and digestive system function, supports their joints and mobility, bolsters their immune system, helps maintain their appetite, protects their skin & coat, increases their metabolism, strengthens their tooth enamel, maintains their vision and regulates the body’s pH levels.
  • SIMPLY SPRINKLE POWDER OVER THIER FOOD – All you need to do to fortify your furry friend with this nutritious dog food supplement is sprinkle some on top of their regular food – or if in doubt, mix it in! Your dog will lap up the goodness with serious gusto and start to feel stronger, healthier and happier with every meal. Promotes years of happy outdoor walks, play and wagging tails! SEE PACK for guidance on powder portion to dog weight ratios.
  • HELPS YOUR DOG LIVE A LONG & HAPPY LIFE – This 100% natural, Non-GMO superfood for dogs contains zero chemicals, preservatives or fillers, so you can be confident you’re providing your dog with a safe and powerful superfood supplement that, if taken daily, will increase their longevity and everyday vitality, helping them live a healthier, happier life than they might have done otherwise.